Find your parents' TV counterparts, and follow our suggestions of where to feed them this weekend -- or, better yet, where they should feed you.

Susan Mayer

If your mom is a sexy, divorced Desperate Housewife, take her out for a fun night on the town, starting with dinner and drinks at Continental Midtown. She'll love getting out of the 'burbs and looking out at the city from their rooftop lounge, where there's a long list of trendy martinis and maybe a hot plumber to boot.

Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis

If you, like DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, also happened to be raised by three dads, take them all to The Palm, the ultimate boys-club steakhouse. Danny can get in touch with his masculine side, and they'll all love the top-quality steaks, family-style sides and colossal desserts.

Tony and Carmela Soprano

When your dad's a Jersey mobster, there's only one option -- the heart of South Philly. Ralph's epitomizes the classic red-gravy, big portioned, checkered tablecloth Italian-American cuisine that daddy loves. After your tiramisu, you can all walk around the neighborhood and schmooze with his Philly, uh, business partners.

Lois and Peter Griffin

Boston Market at 38th and Chestnut is your best bet. Your mom is cute and would probably enjoy a nice BYO, but your dad is a big fat politically incorrect cartoon character and really can't be taken anywhere you might possibly run into someone you know. He'll be happy with one of BM's family meal combos, and only Stewie will complain that you didn't go to Le Bec.

Jack and Judy Gellar

They hail from Long Island, and like all Jews, enjoy a good meal. They often bitch about Monica's haute cuisine creations, so opt for something that's not too outside-the-box. Try the newly renovated Bookbinders Old Original, a spruced up standby, where they can enjoy crab cakes, steamed lobster and. if observant, salmon and a variety of other fish dishes.

Phillip and Vivian Banks

If your 'rents are high society, your brother's name is Carltonesque and you're all accustomed to being waited on hand and foot by Geoffrey, make a reservation at Le Bec-Fin. They'll appreciate the attentive service, complete with a choreographed removal of the silver domes from your plates, the ornate dining room, and the delicious (albeit pretentious) French fare.


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