Crib 1

The Loft: "Echo Chic"

Dwellers: Addavail Coslett, Isabel Cowles, Emily Rothschild

Unique fixtures: Balconies, high ceilings, name recognition, street cred, funky residents

Persona: Aloof intellectual/lover

Famous person it most channels: Edie Sedgwick

They say: "Shabby chic erring on the side of shabby"

The verdict: We heart the Loft.

Crib 2

The Nipple (Quad): "Tsarina Bohemian"

Dweller: Hillary Levine

Unique fixtures: Circular shape, DIY organizing, magazine decoupage, messy roommate, location (the famed and mythical Quad)

Persona: Semi-prespubescent artsy GF

Famous person it most channels: Lolita

She says: "It's whatever you want it to be."

The verdict: Best part of the Nipple.


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