Which is your favorite, Mask or Wig?

I like Mask, I guess because you can change your identity.

What's your favorite sexy book?

My uncle used to write pornos! Isn't that crazy. My uncle is a gay man but would write straight porn. And the way they used to do it is that they'd send him pictures and he'd write a story line behind it.

Wait, like a screen writer? Or literary erotica.

No, literary erotica.

Who's your favorite legend, dead or alive?

John. John Legend. He's in Sphinx, just like me! Or maybe he wasn't in Sphinx.

What's your favorite place you've traveled to?

Sapa. It's this tiny little village in northern Vietnam which is right on the border of China. It's run by these little girls all between the ages of eight and 15. So when I was there, my two younger brothers, and I made friends with three little girls and they'd take us to the market and show us what food to buy. Then we'd hire a motorcycle and then the little girls would take us through the rice patties until we get to one of their houses, they'd cook us lunch, and then we'd walk back through the rice patties and hop on our motorcylces again.

Thank you. What's your favorite time of day?

My favorite time of day is lunchtime.

Who's your favorite movie star?

Gary Lundy.

Do you have a favorite glue story?

Actually I do because Mask and Wig wrote a bit about glue and we had a song and it was really disgusting. And at the end of the bit, we filled up glue bottles and milk and squirt some to the audience but it never made it past the preview night.

Who's your favorite style icon?

Jimmy Fanelly!


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