Sarah Gudis, College '06

Two dollar pint night at New Deck. I love Snakebite because it was my favorite drink when I was in London.

Garrett Lindsey, College '06

I like to sit at this knoll on College Green. First of all, it slopes and dries faster. Also, because it's so high, you can see what's going on. What can I say, I like to people watch.

Kara Daddario, College '08

My favorite TV show is Six Feet Under. I watch with my roommate, Kate Pier. We watch it on a daily basis. It makes you value your life more because they're such messed up characters.

Hayley Barton, College '08

Purple. Because it makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. At home, people walk into my room they say, "Oh. That's purple." I even have a purple poodle. It's a stuffed animal though.

Carly Brush, College '08

My favorite show is Cathouse. It's a reality TV show about a legal brothel in Las Vegas. Sunset Thomas is my God. They took it off OnDemand. It's great because it's really funny and they're sexually free. It's like soft-core porn that you can laugh at.


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