Project Runway's 2006 runner-up and fan-favorite, Daniel Vosovic, took some time out of his schedule to talk to Ego about the show, his future aspirations and Tim Gunn. With a women's line slated for roughly a year-and-a-half debut and a men's line in the wings, Daniel V. is on the up, up, up -- provided no one takes his chiffon.

Street: How has your life changed since the end of Project Runway?

Daniel Vosovic: My daily life is just different. I get stopped a lot more, I'm looked at on the train, I'm approached, like: 'Hey, I loved your work, you should have won!'

Street: And professionally?

DV: In regards to career, I'm taking on some rather large projects. I've also been meeting with a few designers -- I met with Michael [Kors].

Street: Are you going to take him up on his offer?

DV: I've met with him, but I've also met with a few other people because I need to learn how to run a small company. My concern with working at a company like Michael's is that it's so big, I feel I might get lost. But we sat down for an hour and really hashed things out -- it's really great to wipe away all the TV drama and to talk with designers.

Street: Did you have any gripes with the way you were portrayed?

DV: Not at all! It was funny, the stuff we did last summer with the challenges, that was very true to what happened. I really felt like I was taking part in a documentary, working with the producers, the crew, the audio -- so fresh, so new. But during [New York] Fashion Week, when Santino, Chloe and myself went back to filming it felt, for the first time, like I was part of a TV show. It wasn't that I felt betrayed or that things were shown in a different light. It was slightly more ... showy in the last week.

Street: What about the finale?

DV: My only small complaint was that at the very end I wish that more of the dialogue of the final three had been shown, because there was a lot of stuff that the audience was left questioning -- a lot of stuff wasn't aired.

Street: So now we have some more 'fun' questions ....

DV: No, Nick and I never hooked up [laugh]!

Street: Who's your fashion icon?

DV: Oh my gosh! Not an easy question. The whole young Hollywood celebrity thing is very trend-based, and so I love muses that have been there, done that and grown into their own skin. So as for as an actual person, I love Julianne Moore -- she's so beautiful, elegant and the thing is, I respect her for her craft.

Street: What inspires you?

DV: It's a moment. Whether it's my roommate coming in and saying, 'Does this look good?' and then all of a sudden I see her in a whole new light, or Cyd Charisse in Singin' in the Rain when she's dancing with Gene Kelly -- there are always those moments that catch me. I don't go back to one person or one movie; it's always changing for me.

Street: What do you think of H&M and Urban Outfitters? Proponent or Dissenter, pro or con?

DV: I mean, I've been there, done that. Until I stop shopping there for underwear or undershirts, I guess I can't say it's Hell on Earth. The whole point of personal style nowadays is mixing and matching, making it work for you. If someone wants to wear all H&M, then they're going to do it, but the woman I'm designing for wouldn't do that. Ever. They're not my competition.

Street: Any menswear aspirations?

DV: Yes! I'm doing sketches right now. I'd love to get into menswear, just because, shit, I need something to wear! I definitely want to solidify myself as a womenswear designer before I jump in too deep.

Street: That makes sense, menswear is a whole new craft.

DV: Definitely. There's a lot of people that dress well and think they'd be a good designer, like 'I wear expensive clothes, I know design,' but that doesn't make you a good designer. A menswear designer doesn't always translate to womenswear, so I just want to make sure that I have my womenswear collection up-and-running before I even try to tackle menswear.

Street: Are you still in touch with your fellow designers?

DV: Yes! Nick and I talk every week. Chloe and I talked last week; Kara and I just had coffee.

Street: So Daniel, seriously, where's the chiffon?

DV: That was a complete and utter mock of people freaking out in the workroom. It's so funny, even now Andrae doesn't remember saying it, I don't remember saying it. Everyone was stressed out, the last thing you need is everyone bitching like a child.

Street: Is Tim Gunn as great in person?

DV: Tim Gunn is everything you can imagine and more. He's a doll.

Street: You're a doll, Daniel.


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