Gone are the days of carriage rides and courtship rituals. Today's acts of chivalry include a pump of a keg or the toss of a quarter at Sink or Swim. A survey of the Penn population indicates that most Penn students "just fuck." Yes, the thought of exerting more effort than speed dialing that jackrabbit at 2:37 a.m. each Friday makes dating seem daunting. But just a little bit of social tact and energy can boost your chances of booty. We promise it's not as hard as you think. If a lady tickles your fancy, don't wait till you're good and sloppy to introduce yourself - grow a pair of balls and ask her out! Dabble in dating with Street's guide to first dates and you'll get more "bang" for your buck, while learning about this stupendous city along the way. Whatever type of evening you have in mind, we've got it mapped out for you. Bedroom tips are not included

*Prices are all estimates for two people.

Center City Sophisticate

Cab fare: $6

For a charming evening, stroll down the Avenue of the Arts (Broad Street). Especially good for impressing an out-of-towner, the City Hall backdrop and wide promenade will surely set those pheromones a'flutter. Sit in Love Park and work your magic so you can shack up later.

Dinner: Capital Grill ($90)

1338 Chestnut St (215) 545-9588

This American steak institution serves the best meat in town. If she likes it raw, impress her by ordering the steak tar tar appetizer. Entrees are a la carte.The stuffy atmosphere comes standard and the bill goes straight to your parents.

Next: Zanzibar Blue ($30)

200 S Broad St, (215) 732-4500

Feel swanky while listening to some of the finest jazz ensembles in the city. Even if you know nothing about jazz, she'll be impressed that you appreciate the performers' talent. After a couple dirty martinis, tell her you "dig" the sax player's "licks." Then tell her to leave the martini and bring the dirty back to your dorm room.

Old City Urbanite

Cab fare: $12

For a lively night out on the town with no end to the bars, restaurants and clubs, Old City is the place to go. This is where guys with huge egos and small genitalia drive their cars up and down the streets in some sort of ancient mating ritual. Avoid the wanna-bes at Blue Martini and the bachelorette parties taking up half the sidewalks, and the night should be a pretty damn good time.

Dinner: Continental ($30-40)

138 Market St (215) 923-6069

This diner-themed martini bar and the birthplace of Stephen Starr's Philadelphia legacy is perfect for a drink and appetizer or full meal that won't break your wallet.

Next: Latin Fusion Hop ($20-35)

Cuba Libre 10 S 2nd St (215) 627-0666

Amada 217 Chestnut St. (215625-2450

Hop across 2nd Street to Cuba Libre. Try a fruit flavored mojito or stick with the classic recipe to get your limbs loose and ego up for some salsa dancing. If you're out on a Wednesday and prefer gazing to shakin', check out the weekly flamenco performance and down sangria at Amada.

The Beat on South Street

Cab fare: $12

The people-watching on this action-packed street will provide you with enough ammo to fill any awkward silences. Don't be mistaken, there's more to this urban hotspot than Condom Kingdom and Copa's.

Dinner: Latest Dish ($25-50)

613 S Fourth St. (215) 629-0565

Impress her with this trendy yet intimate gem just off South Street. Order the crab wontons (sure, they're Kosher) and hope she mistakes the waves of pleasure for attraction. Go early to grab a few drinks and soak up the chill sounds of the house DJ.

Next: L'Etage ($18-36)

624 S 6th St. (215) 592-0656

The crowd at this eclectic bar includes gayborhood ex-pats, Center City intellectuals and music lovers from all walks of life. The sexy plush interior is straight out of Moulin Rogue and the music is even sexier - expect to hear mash-ups of Pink and Michael Jackson.

Right off Rittenhouse

Cab fare: $5

Get a change of scenery without straying far from campus. Rittenhouse is teeming with intimate bistros and the surrounding residential neighborhoods are perfect for an evening stroll.

Dinner: La Viola ($35-55)

253 S 16th St. (215) 735-8630

This Italian BYO is tiny and cramped, but the food is delicious and prices are reasonable. You may be inches away from the couple next to you, but first dates aren't the time to bring out the skeletons in your closet anyway.

OR: Monk's Cafe ($40-50)

264 S 16th St., (215) 545-7005

Belgian beer, fruity lambics, the best mussels and pomme frittes in the city - everyone's happy and everyone's drunk. Note: mussels are an aphrodisiac (just like beer).

Next: Rita's ($3-6)

1511 Spruce St. (215) 545-7661

Balance out your European fare with some local flavor and head over to Rita's. You get mango gelati, she gets the sugar free pink lemonade Italian ice.. Next thing you know she'll be asking if she can try your custard.

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