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Jaclyn Einis


Buena Phila Social Club

The oldest men's club in the country, the Philadelphia Club, was founded in 1834. The original gathering place for these rich folk was Mrs. Rubicam's Coffee House.

Word on the Street: Birthday Gobbles

Thanksgiving may very well be the best holiday we have. No segregating candied ham and knaidlach; everyone celebrates the same glorious bird.

Your civic booty: take it to the poles

It's all about over-exaggerating," Nicole advises her students as they practice floor work. She narrates as she demonstrates, lying face down on the wooden floor of the one-room studio.

Ego Boost: Ego 911

The Situation: You're getting down and dirty at Smokes, sporting beer goggles thicker than Minkus' spectacles, and you decide it's acceptable to make out with Perpetually Sweaty Boy/Girl from your Econ recitation.

Ground Control to Major Tom

If you're afraid of flying, well this section isn't for you. And if you think flight is no longer what it once was in the days when folks would take their families for a day at the airport - well, you're so out of touch.

He's not related to the veep

The right to form a cooperative isn't exclusive to hippies selling organic squash gourds and locally harvested apples.


Gone are the days of carriage rides and courtship rituals. Today's acts of chivalry include a pump of a keg or the toss of a quarter at Sink or Swim.

Starring a Band with an Asterisk

Their music has been dubbed new-wave, pop-punk and various combinations thereof, but stellastarr* just likes to call it "rock." Between watching soft-core porns and touring to promote their album, Harmonies for the Haunted, stellastarr*'s pretty busy these days. Street: How would you define your music?

Falafel fanatic

"Yes Muhammad, what can I get you?" Saad asks ones of his regulars. The hospitable owner of his namesake eatery, Saad's, offers diners Middle Eastern, American and even American-style Middle Eastern cuisine.

A taste of the unexpected

Upon entering Out of the Blue, diners slide through a grey velvet curtain to find themselves in a room dominated by black and white, but softened by a wall of blue.

Art next door

A woman is on display. Seated upon a platform, she bears all that is left uncovered by her black pumps, fishnets and a sign which reads, "What is art?


I want to make art that says 'fuck you!'" says Yoshimoto Nara. The artist has earned a cult fanbase in Japan, with good reason.

Pious Drunkeness

Tucked away in the brew haven known as Northern Liberties is a little piece of Belgique. Equal parts pub and restaurant, the Abbaye instantly makes you feel like a part of the neighborhood.

I feel so american...

Nowhere else do bitter and festive mix quite as delightfully as they do at North Third. The two emotions permeate the air of the Northern Liberties hideaway to create the perfect atmosphere for the love-day loner.

Still Got your V-Card on V-Day?

Valentine's Day is a lot like New Year's, only New Year's allows enough leeway for you to convince yourself you made some progress.

Look Mom, All Hands

Let's face it: eating Asian food doesn't count as diversifying. Houston Hall's sushi, Pod's Pad Thai, Bejiing's fried rice, even Le Anh's chicken lo mein just won't cut it if you're trying to expand your cultural horizons.

Love Stout, baby

Yards Brewery smells like a frat house in the wee hours of morning, only crisp rather than stale, appetizing rather than nauseating.

'Letta Opena

With its walls of mandarin, lavender, coral and rose, Molletta welcomes you to get in touch with your feminine side.

Amateur Porn

The name Vertical Horizon may not seem familiar at first, but their breakthrough single "Everything You Wanted" was a radio and MTV staple.
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