* 2 parts Southern


* 1 part Amaretto

(almond liqueur)

* 1 part Sloe gin

* Orange juice to taste

Forget the Middle Eastern mammer-jammer, that falafel shit's bammer, exam crammer or office hours scammer, sit yourself down to an Alabama Slammer.

Who should drink it: Cell Block D, Prisoner #3704

Who shouldn't drink it: Pinko yuppie Yankee carpetbaggers

Where you should drink it: Monster truck rallies, Nascar races or other shows of completely platonic male bonding

Where you shouldn't drink it: In the correctional facilities of our fine Dixie states. Specifically, while bathing (who wants water in their drink?)

What you should eat while drinking it: Grits, bitch

What you shouldn't eat while drinking it: Falafel


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