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Derek Mazique


Wining Dining 101

A successful dinner party is undoubtedly one of the greatest culinary feats, and a worthy venture for those up to the challenge.

Of all the gin joints in Philly: Fling

In an effort to combat mediocre mixing around campus, Street catches up with Abbie Feinberg: alcohol connoisseur and mixologist extraordinaire. Street: Why did you decide to learn how to bartend? Abbie Feinberg: At parties I wasn't usually the social butterfly, but I liked being behind the scene, like the hostess or the chef.

Reindeer Meat

Caribou Caf‚ 1126 Walnut St. (215) 625-9535 cariboucafe.com It's hard to imagine that the French can pull off an American staple like the hamburger.

So you liked Rocky Vi?

First thing's first: XIX just oozes class. From the low lighting to the $1,500 imported chairs to the sweeping view of Philadelphia's skyline, XIX is trying to make a reputation as the city's swankiest new downtown restaurant.

Wine of the Week

* 2 parts Southern Comfort * 1 part Amaretto (almond liqueur) * 1 part Sloe gin * Orange juice to taste Forget the Middle Eastern mammer-jammer, that falafel shit's bammer, exam crammer or office hours scammer, sit yourself down to an Alabama Slammer. Who should drink it: Cell Block D, Prisoner #3704 Who shouldn't drink it: Pinko yuppie Yankee carpetbaggers Where you should drink it: Monster truck rallies, Nascar races or other shows of completely platonic male bonding Where you shouldn't drink it: In the correctional facilities of our fine Dixie states.

A diamond in the very rough

Let's be real, it's pretty hard to get real Cuban food in this town. However, nestled in the heart of North Philadelphia, Tierra Colombiana dishes out authentic Cuban food like none other. Simply put, Tierra Colombiana is all about Latino comfort food.

Spandex Shmandex

If you're walking down Locust Walk anytime within the next two months, keep an eye out for what our Lady Quakers are wearing. Almost every other girl, no matter how garishly thin, is sporting a pair of tights.

The roof (of my mouth) is on fire

Standing outside of most restaurants in Chinatown can be a tad disconcerting, and Szechuan Tasty House is no exception. With its year-round Christmas lights flashing red and green, the Tasty House makes its presence known among its more drab neighbors, like Philadelphia Eddie's Chinatown Tattoo.

Wine of the Week

Merlot from Chile occupies that uneasy spot as the forgotten stepchild of the world wine scene. It doesn't come close to the pretension of France, with its rigorous distilleries and snotty accents.

Water works: expensive and good as hell

Usually the only way for a Penn student to score a chic meal is if Mummy and Daddy can be conned into going during NSO.

Kids in the Hall

Dean* did the frat house thing all night with his entire hall, squeezing in between sweaty freshmen in order to get a precious red Solo cup filled with Natty Lite.

Slither me this

At first glance, nothing seems to be appealing about the new horror film Slither. In typical horror movie fashion, giant red slugs chase hapless South Carolina bumpkins up and down farm houses, through bathtubs, and other charming facets of small-town America.

Great Taste, Less filling

Love it or hate it, modern art stands boldly on the art scene, both in general and at Penn. In a city dominated by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, modern art must eke out its own existence from in between the likes of Cezanne and Winslow Homer.

J'adore la bbq. et toi?

If there were any doubts on the legitimacy of "new American cuisine," let Chloe try to silence them.

Skip dinner

The proprietors of Dessert realize the sorry state of American sweets and aim to combat the legacy of Hershey with nuanced dishes and an intimate bistro setting.

Sticky situation

What makes small, independent theater worthwhile to visit, instead of going to a big-production Broadway costume musical?

Doomed to suck

Doom, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Sarge and Karl Urban as John Grimm, promises very little from the onset -- and keeps its promise.

Don't drop the soap

It's that time of year again, when the disgusting, frightening and plain old spooky demons of the night come out of the woodwork to scare the bejesus out of us normal, well-adjusted citizens.

Into the poo

Into the Blue, starring teen heartthrobs Paul Walker and Jessica Alba, pretty much unfolds as one would expect.
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