Most law schools evaluate a combination of GPA and LSAT scores to admit their students. Penn, however, appears to use sex appeal as their deciding factor, resulting in a law library chock full of Gregory Pecks and Reese Witherspoons. The library itself is as attractive and sleek as its students... probably because half of Penn has no idea where it is. Hint: New Deck and White Dog take up only one side of Sansom. Yes, getting into the building can be tricky for undergrads (especially around finals time), but smiling at the security guard and flashing that ubiquitous PennCard should be enough on most days. Getting inside will feel as good as getting into Harvard Law, because Biddle is the supreme library on campus. All of the windows of Van Pelt without the dead birds, all of the artsy woodwork of Fine Arts with more light bulbs and all of the freedom to leave your laptop unattended! It's law school for Christ's sake - these people are majoring in not stealing! The best part of Biddle, though, is that you aren't in law school; while everyone else pores over torts and contracts and looks longingly at your sociology of pop culture book, you can just look longingly at everyone else.


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