Retrospect is known to many as the perfect place to go for a great Halloween costume, but for those experienced thrift shoppers, it is one of downtown’s rare treasures. Located on 6th and South, just steps from both AIDS Thrift and Decades Vintage, Retrospect is in the heart of what one might call Philadelphia’s vintage shopping district. Those acquainted with West Philly’s very own Second Mile thrift shop will be happy to experience the range of vintage wares available at Retrospect, covering everything from shoes to sunglasses to old Men at Work records. Retrospect provides its customers with a well thought-out approach to thrifting, and there is definitely something for everyone. For the trendier, Olsen twin-imitating girl, the racks of oversized flannel shirts are near the front, and for the wannabe Hell’s Angel in all of us, there is a wall of leather jackets organized by color. Sure, the lighting is oppressively fluorescent, and the music is at times maddening, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a thrift store with as wide a selection anywhere else in Philadelphia. The prices are tough to beat and it’s rare to walk away without having found something you love.

See photos for trendy pieces listed below:

GIRL: Outfit 1 (far left) Leopard dress: $18, Pumps: $8, Handbag: $2.50; Total: $28.50 Outfit 2 (middle) Vest: $10, Skirt: $14, Pumps: $8; Total: $32 Outfit 3 (far right) Black pants: $6, Belt: $2, Cropped jacket: $12, Boots: $30; Total: $50

BOY: Jacket: $18, Pants: $14, Shirt: $12, Hat: $5; Total: $49