About three years ago, Pinkberry — the LA-based purveyor of tart frozen yogurt — made its move east and subsequently inspired countless imitators. Surprisingly, Philadelphia was slow to the trend, opening up its first fro-yo spot, Phileo, only a year ago. Just last week, Sprinkles became Penn’s long overdue answer to the fro-yo craze.

Following the self-serve model (think Yogurtland, not Pinkberry), Sprinkles offers 14 rotating flavors and about 30 toppings. While the cookies ‘n’ cream is so much better than Marathon’s ever was and pure vanilla tastes like McDonald’s soft serve (a very good thing), many of the other flavors are lacking. Mint is reminiscent of mouthwash, and both the strawberry and banana flavors are incredibly artificial-tasting.

No doubt many customers will be looking for tart options, and though there is only one, it is excellent. More lemony than most Pinkberry knockoffs, it is a nice alternative to what is otherwise an overwhelmingly sweet assortment of creamy flavors.

Sprinkles’ real strength is in its toppings. Dry toppings are kept in vertical tubes with faucet-like handles, keeping them fresh (and safe from germy customers). Quirkier add-ons like candy corn and Fruity Pebbles punctuate more traditional favorites like rainbow sprinkles and M&Ms, while the cold selection (fresh fruit, cookie dough, Snickers) is kept separate. The best topping by far, however, is the creamy peanut butter sauce that literally could (and should) be eaten by the spoonful.

At 49 cents an ounce (and another 49 cents if you get a waffle bowl), the cost can add up quickly if you let your eyes get bigger than your stomach. Though an average serving costs around $5, that can easily be doubled with the addition of some weighty toppings.

The space itself is light and airy, and high ceilings and wood floors reinforce the clean aesthetic. With ample seating inside and a few tables outside, Sprinkles will undoubtedly become a hit among the fro-yo-loving Penn population, but we do hope the flavors get an upgrade in the process.

Sprinkles 3606 Chestnut St. Sun.-Thurs., 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m. to midnight Don’t miss: The peanut butter sauce Skip: Fruit flavored fro-yo