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Julia Rubin


Street in the Late 2000s: Gossip and the Great Recession

Julia Rubin reflects on her time as Editor–in–Chief in 2009 and the bevy of angry voicemails that came with it.

Style On The Square

Standing in the boutique that bears her name, Joan Shepp explains this among racks of Ann Demeulemeester tailored jumpsuits and Rick Owens draped jackets.

Just Another Hipster's Paradise

There is something deliciously ironic about the I. Goldberg Army and Navy store, namely that it is — of all things — a hipster’s paradise.

Deluge Of Rouge

At Penn, weekends are more than just a reprieve from a stressful week of classes, midterms and the like.

R.I.P. Music Television

When I was a not-so-rebellious preteen, MTV was the coolest. My dad introduced me to The Real World and Spring Break, but it was the music videos that really got me.

Back In Black(Berry)

You know that Ego of the Week question, “There are two types of people at Penn …”? Well, after a little social experiment I took part in these past couple of weeks, I would divide Penn into BlackBerry users and everyone else. It’s no surprise that smartphones took over campus long ago, but I didn’t realize the ubiquity of the BlackBerry in particular until I suddenly found myself without.

From the Editor: 12.3.09

This is my last editor’s letter. Ever. Even though Street is printing next week, by then the new board will have taken over and I will be completely washed up.

From the Editor: 11.19.09

Oh, Shoutouts, you are a fickle mistress. Some people think you are too mean. Some people think you are too tame.

From the Editor: 11.12.09

Last week I attended my first preceptorial ever. It’s not that I hadn’t wanted to go to one before this semester, but rather I was systematically shut out of every cheese-tasting, Barnes Foundation-going, ceramics-learning preceptorial imaginable for the past six semesters.

From the Editor: Dining Guide, Fall 2009

I love steamed pork buns. They are my favorite food of all time. I had my first pork bun at New York's bun mecca, Momofuku, a few years ago, and I was instantly hooked.

From the Editor: 11.5.09

However paradoxical it may seem, college has made me and my friends much less crazy, at least as far as school is concerned.

From the Editor: 10.29.09

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. This is officially a non-exciting birthday. Who cares about 22? Nobody.

From the Editor: 10.22.09

Thanks to three consecutive midterms, I ended up spending Fall Break in Philly. I don’t even know if it could be called a break (how Penn thinks that canceling Monday’s classes constitutes a vacation is beyond me), but it did allow for some quality time with my equally midterm-challenged roommates.

From the Editor: 10.8.09

For all of you non-journalism nerds, I apologize for the next 300 words, in which I will proceed to totally geek out.

Joan Knows Best

Ten years ago, Joan Shepp single-handedly redefined how Philadelphians think about style. A decade later, her Walnut Street boutique stands as a model for luxury retailers. Shepp is often described in the same terms that are used to describe the coveted goods she sells: eccentric, brilliant and desperately chic.

From the Editor: 10.1.09

I went to my first Penn party the January of my senior of high school. Fresh off the high of my early admittance, I visited a friend from home who was a freshman living in the Quad, and took in all of Penn’s earthly delights.

From the Editor: 9.24.09

As humans, we are all driven by fear: fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of insignificance. But we college students (or, at least, we Penn students) are driven by another type of fear: the fear of missing out.

Gettin' Chilly Wit It: Sprinkles Yogurt

About three years ago, Pinkberry — the LA-based purveyor of tart frozen yogurt — made its move east and subsequently inspired countless imitators.

From the Editor: 9.17.09

Let’s be real: freshmen are on the bottom of the food chain. Most arrive at Penn without any friends, some have to live sans AC in Hill and pretty much none can get into Smoke’s.

U City Dining Days

One of the best things about Penn is its Philadelphia locale, and one of the best things about Philadelphia is its food.
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