[‘dIf – moµ?]

Here at Ego, we always want you to be in the know. So we bring you Locust Lexicon, your guide to all of the latest campus terms. This week, we present a new way to identify Penn’s drunken dancefloor debauchery.

DFMO (noun) [pronounced dif-moe]

A term that refers to a make-out session between two or more people that occurs in the middle of a dancefloor. An acronym, this term stands for Dance Floor Make Out and is most often spotted at frat parties or downtowns after enough alcohol has been consumed to justify regrettable decisions.

Origin: This term came to fruition as a result of the mass cry for abbreviations that began around 2007. Originating on frat rows across the country, DFMO came to be used as a stealth way for frat brothers or sorority sisters to refer to late-night drunken PDA.


Frat Boy 1: “Bro! Check out that DFMO sesh over by the speakers. Mike is totally going to score with that prefrosh.”

Frat Boy 2: “Ya, dude should have known better than to let his sister stay here for parents’ weekend ...”