To all the single ladies and men (or those of you looking to ditch that annoying other), here is a list of anaphrodisiacs (a.k.a. anti–aphrodisiacs) that you can consume en masse on February 14th.

Cilantro – Eastern monks used to eat this herb to suppress sexual urges.

Corn Flakes – John Harvey Kellogg was a big proponent of abstinence. He invented Corn Flakes with the hope that a bland, meatless breakfast would quell men’s sexual appetite.

Gin and Tonic – All those G&Ts are actually bad for your sex drive. Quinine, the main ingredient in tonic, can lower testosterone levels.

Licorice – Consuming a lot of Licorice root may lead to hormonal changes in both genders (girls aren’t the only ones subject to hormonal imbalance), and the resulting hormone shift can reduce the libido. Given Twizzler’s 0% licorice content, the red vines will keep your hormones intact.

Graham Crackers – Much like Mr. Kellogg, Reverend Sylvester Graham wanted to reduce people’s meat intake, as meat was thought to heighten your sex drive. So, in the 1820s, he invented Graham Crackers with the hope that the flour–y, carb–loaded snack would fill people up, leaving little room for meat.


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