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Siobhan Carey couldn't not be this week's Ego. Here at Street, we love a good theme, a boozy holiday and any head dress like that one. But Siobhan is more than just a high–kickingly proud Irish girl who will not be in school today. A former competitive Irish dancer, and current Penn diver, she's the "Lord of the [Mortar]Board."

[Watch Siobhan dancing here]

Street: Does Irish dancing influence diving? Does diving influence your dancing? Siobhan Carey: Even though they are very different activities, I would say that the leg strength gained from both definitely helps me be powerful on the board and have a pretty decent vertical leap. Together I guess you could call me a lord of the board.

Street: If you were in a reality show, which would it be? SC: American Gladiator. I might have to start taking steroids and find some way to grow about 8 inches, but who said winning was easy?

Street: What will you miss most about Penn? SC: Where to begin? First and foremost, the single laydeez of 3930, The Blarney Stone and its wonderful staff, Bursar, Allegro’s late night slices of heaven, the Schnur-isms of Pottruck pool… the list goes on and on!

Street: What don’t most people know about Irish dance? SC: Wigs and sock glue… and yes, there are bloomers.

Street: What’s your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie? SC: Zetus lapetus, is that even a question?! Zenon fasho.

Street: There are two types of people at Penn… SC: Those who go to kegs and eggs and those who don’t. Those who plan their schedules around Blarney regulars and those who don’t.

Street: My PennCard photo looks like I’m… SC: A 15–year–old goody–two–shoes. Popped collar and all. If someone had told me that picture would be with me for four more years I may have made a little bit more of an effort in finding something that didn’t look like I’m a part of the Babysitter’s Club.

Street: What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? SC: That I could swim. It even inspired me to be in a relay… didn’t go so well.

Street: If you taught a class at Penn what would it be? SC: Freshman Seminar: How to strategically save the most amazing/embarrassing/epic outfits from your childhood to prepare for college themed parties.

Street: How do you feel about St. Patrick’s Day? SC: Best day of the entire year. I feel that it should be an international holiday. I have NEVER been to school on St. Patrick’s Day. To all my teachers/professors, sorry I’m not sorry.

Street: What’s the best tweet you’ve ever tweeted? SC: I’m new to the whole Twitter thing so not much to work with but here’s the best: "Fashion faux pas or secretly appreciated: juicy sweatsuits #thingsilovefromthe90s"

Street: You’re this week’s ego. Who’s your alter–ego? SC: Lady Leprechaun or SioBot5000.


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