Kung Fu Hoagies 33rd and Chestnut, Wed./Fri. Clark Park, Sat./Sun.

Don't Miss: The veggie spring rolls. Skip: Going easy on the heat. Take advantage of the complimentary Sriracha!


Just when we all thought Magic Carpet would forever fly solo in the vegan ethnic food truck niche, Kung Fu Hoagies set up shop to bring all–veg Vietnamese lunch options to the Drexel and Penn campuses. An inviting burst of orange at the edge of Hill Field, this recent addition to the local food truck landscape offers a modest but balanced menu of hoagies and noodle dishes alongside some appealingly–cheap sides ($2 for salad, $1 for sesame chips and just 50 cents for fruit).

The cart is run by two friendly guys who — in addition to actually being trained in kung fu, for anyone wondering — seem committed to fresh ingredients and good value. Even for the most devoted beef lover, the absence of real meat is hardly noticeable in the coconut lemongrass beef curry ($5); its hearty mushrooms and chunks of vegan “beef” round out the thin noodles and broth for a perfectly–sized lunch portion.

The banh mi hoagie ($4), on the other hand, was a little small by gluttonous college student sandwich standards. And though the tofu was cooked perfectly and well–complemented by a mix of carrots, cucumbers, pickles, cilantro and semi–sweet vegan mayo, the overpowering effects of some fresh jalapeno highlighted a slight lack of seasoning on the fixings.  But not to worry — the vegetarian spring rolls ($2.50) are an easy addition to make for a fully satisfying lunch that will still cost you under $7. The spring rolls were also a clear winner for tastiest dish of the few we tried, serving up a flavorful combo of vermicelli noodles with veggies and meat substitute.

Anyone who likes their Asian food spicy should keep an eye out for the bottle of sriracha hanging out by the utensils; heat is not a priority for Kung Fu Hoagies. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile option for anyone seeking a healthy alternative to the normal panorama of heavy food truck offerings, especially given the low prices. And since they’re only two weeks old, we can only imagine it’s going to get better as they flesh out their rotating menu and develop their flavors.  Kung Fu Hoagies is open Wednesdays and Fridays at 33rd and Chestnut and heads westward to Clark Park on the weekends. Both locations stay open until around 3 p.m., so grab it while it’s fresh.