Beryl Sanders is SAS Chair for the 2013 Class Board, VP of Programming for Panhel, a member of both SPEC Connaissance and the Honorary Degrees Committee for NEC and former Membership Director of Penn Dems. Oh, and a participant in the Jewish Renaissance Project, just for good measure.

Street: How have you prepared to be this week’s Ego? Beryl Sanders: I’ve listened to Beyonce’s “Ego” a million times within the last two days. And I’ve just been dancing in my room like, “Such a big ego! That’s me! I’m the ego!” All my friends were like, “Uh…”

Street: What advice would you give freshmen? BS: Don’t let a certain thing that you’re involved in — sorority, fraternity or club — define who you are. Sooner or later, everyone will be able to get into Smoke’s, and you’re going to say, “Are my friends awesome or are my friends cool?” It’s so much better to be awesome. I’m not cool.

Street: What has Panhel taught you about Greek life? BS: A lot of your friends will end up in different places and you think that it’s gonna change everything in your Penn career — but it doesn’t. Second, you’re gonna love wherever you end up because you’re gonna find friends there. My third piece of advice is that Greek life is a huge part of my Penn career, but I also love my friends who aren’t in sororities. It’s really important to have a mix.

Street: There are two types of people at Penn. BS: Those who sleep at Van Pelt and those who laugh at people sleeping at Van Pelt. I’m proud to say I’ve been on the “Sleeping in Van Pelt” Tumblr.

Street: What’s your guilty pleasure? BS: Show tunes. All my roommates love indie, hipster music, and I can openly say I have the worst taste in music. I remember living in the high rises sophomore year and belting, “TOMORROW!” and my friends were like, “Shut up! You’re not Annie!” But, like, I am Annie.

Street: Which Hogwarts house would you be in? BS: I think I’m a Gryffindor.

Street: We think you’re a Hufflepuff. BS: I knew you were gonna say that! Why would you say that?! Because Hufflepuffs are nice?

Street: Who’s your alter ego? BS: Shoshana from "Girls." All my friends are Marnies and Jessas ‘cause they’re so cool, but every group of friends needs a Shoshana!

Street: What will you miss most about Penn? BS: Doing the “Beryl Walk–and–Talk.” That’s such a stupid answer, but I love Locust Walk. It’s good to just see a lot of people you haven’t in a while and be like, “OMG! How was your summer?” And when it’s not summer, “OMG! How was last Tuesday?” That’s the thing I’m gonna miss most about Penn.


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