Street: If you were in any sorority on campus, which would it be and why? Nick Johnson: I’d say Theta. I love rocking the skinny jeans, and those boots that tie up a little bit, too. I could see myself in those. Laurence Coman: I’d say Tri Delt, 'cause I’ve always wanted to be WASP–y. Brian Powers: I wanna be in Theta because they’re such a great sisterhood! Everyone gets along. Derek Osei–Bonsu: I’m from Jersey, so I guess I have to go APhi. Kevin McNulty: I guess I’ll say AXO, because I’m very good but I’m not at the top level. PJ Hobson: I think I’m gonna start taking stabs here. What sorority would I be in? I’d be in Kappa Sig, 'cause they’re the most harmless girls on campus.

Street: Describe yourself in three words. Tommy Yin: Huntsman second floor. John Beasley: Awkward dance moves. NJ: The total package. BP: Big Man Campus. Mike Steltenkamp: I Am Legend...? Jordan Fox: I love guacamole. Can I do that? LC: Could you change that to just “I love guac”? JF: No. Guacamole. I take it seriously. It has texture, you know?

Street: Who’s your toughest competition and why? JF: Myself, because I’m totally out of shape. That’s not funny, though. Just kind of sad. TY: Brian Powers, because his last name says it all. BP: Tommy Yin, because when I went to put in the "Mulan" soundtrack, it was taken. TY: I have rights over anything related to the Asian theme.

Street: There are two types of people at Penn… JF: Jewish and non–Jewish. JB: People who got in on their own, and people who got in through sports. BP: Ugly people and whoever’s judging BMOC. KM: People who will hook up with me, and people who won’t. BP: Add me to the first group.

Street: Who’s your favorite Disney princess? PH: The Jonas brothers. BP: Nala, from "The Lion King." I had a weird crush on her going way back. My sister got the stuffed animal. And I took it. And I slept with it. Every night. Assume what you will. NJ: Does Bambi count? JB: Definitely not the ginger. Which one was that? MS: The Little Mermaid…? JB: Kind of fishy smelly though…

Street: Jasmine? BP: She has oil money. Street: Mulan? TY: Too obvious. Street: Sleeping Beauty? LC: No! She’s like…passed out and you could take advantage of her! NOT cool.

Street: Define Manhood BP: The ability to cry. PH: Standing up when you pee. NJ: The ability to grow a handlebar moustache. BP: Sorry, Tommy. Looks like you’re a girl. DB: Chest hair.

Street: How would you describe your chest hair, in one word? TY: Nonexistent. Hidden. Hibernating. JB: Patchy. NJ: Rug. JF: Shy. LC: Hugh Jackman. BP: Arousing. I’m actually getting pretty turned on right now.

Street: What do you guys look for in a girl? BP: Size. JB: Olympic athlete, gold–medal–winning children. So Gabby Douglas. PH: Pearl earrings, a wholesome smile and childbearing hips. KM: A fast metabolism. MS: STDs. I look for them…?

Street: How would you go about achieving world peace? LC: Banking.

Street: Who is your alter ego? PH: Lance Armstrong? Too soon? BP: Wait, he’s not dead… DB: Wait, the person has to be dead? BP: I’d say Rosie O’Donnell. LC: Wonderwoman. NJ: Michael Jackson. JF: George Costanza.

Street: So why are you better than everyone else here? BP: I mean, look at them. They’re…disgusting. I also did professional ballet in Moscow for 15 years. DB: I’m genetically predisposed to dancing. TY: I sport a bright green backpack. KM: My mom's gonna freak out if I don't win this.

Street: If you guys were selected as tributes in the next Hunger Games, how would you survive? DB: I’ve never seen any of them. I want that in there. I want people to know that. NJ: Raw physical power. BP: I would probably just hit on Katniss the whole time, whether that meant my death or not. KM: I’d probably befriend someone who’s strong, but not that smart. They’d be the easiest to trick.

Street: Did you guys just not read the books and see the movie? BP: There’s a book? PJ: The book didn’t have pictures in it, so…

Street: How are you guys preparing for BMOC? JF: Not eating. PH: I haven’t had a carb since I was seven. DB: Two–finger diet. KM: I wander around the Quad, trying to get a feel for the freshmen girls. PH: Are we talking about a literal feel, or a figurative feel? BP: By paying off the judges. JF: I’ve been hooking up with them. KM: Well, I’ve been reading a lot. In case they ask me questions.


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