Start a Twitter account / Learn to take a compliment / Forgive Kristen Stewart / Stop chewing gum in public / Not to be nocturnal / Stop giving a shit about what other people perceive of my personality and learn to be ok with it / Travel more / Grow into my hands / To live like the people in Rent but without all the dying / Significantly up my Netflix viewing / Get more Hosencalls / Go on an Amy Gutmann panty raid / Pay better attention to the other side of a conversation / Act more British / Be on time / Do something worth a goddamn / Stop making my mother cry / Finally get over him / Finally tell him I love him / Stop going to Pottruck just for the smoothies / Give that kid back his sweatshirt / Finish the package of corn dogs in the back of my freezer / Successfully eat a cheeseburger in Hillel / Confess to my Big that I can’t stand her / Actually apply myself in class / Sleep at normal people times / Drop my pre-professional major for something I really want / Get tested / Understand that my own problems are not the worst thing in the world and other people don’t always want to hear about them when they have their own / Sex in the Pod bathrooms / Stop worrying about things I can’t change / Consolidate all of my e-mail addresses / Start listening to more 90’s R&B / Stop being superstitious / Try to do one new thing every day / Try to talk to one new person every day / Learn to take constructive criticism / Think before I complain / Tell everyone just how much they mean to me / Stop criticising myself in the mirror before I leave home / Join clubs even if I’m intimidated by the fact I don’t know anyone at the meetings / Call my dad after all these years / Dip dye my hair / Try to cut down my technology use / Stop being a huge bitch to my parents and everyone else / Learn how to crochet / Stop letting other people speak for me / Watch Star Wars Episodes 1-6 in one sitting / Get my driver’s license / Try to be more open-minded about other people’s viewpoints / Shake my tail feathers like nobody is watching / Wake up earlier / Stop biting my nails / Curse less / Thank God for at least one thing I have every day / Stand up straighter / Grow out my hair / Run a 5K / Read more for fun / Get in shape / Smile more