1. Leslie gets hacked. Leslie prepares an awesome speech for the Pawnee correspondents’ lunch that totally skewers the Pawnee Sun, her tabloid nemesis. When the Pawnee Sun editor goes up and delivers all of Leslie’s jokes, she’s left with no material and a suspicion that the tabloid journalist has been snooping through her email (she’s right). An amusing, not excellent main plotline, rescued mainly by Leslie’s Borat impressions.

2. Ben has a new job. Ben has his first day at the Sweetums charity foundation and finds an immaculate office space filled with fancy furniture, an endless supply of caviar and nude portraits. There are some classic “Ben is uncomfortable” scenes along with a few great Tom Haverford treatin’ yo self moments. 

3. Ann tries to get Chris to have a babuh. Ann finally decides that Chris is the guy she wants to father her child. She can’t seem to work up the courage to do it until Ron steps in and makes her. Ann gets awkward; Chris gets all flattered. We’ll find out next week if he agrees (but I’m betting he does).

4. Andy is in a funk. Andy is still reeling from failing the police exam and is deep in a funk (he’s “sad and sweaty” instead of “happy and sweaty,” April says). After helping at the charity foundation, Ben sees that Andy has a knack for it, and hires him as an assistant. All told, a really nice subplot and a great Andy episode.

5. Honeymoon period? The episode opened with a clever recap of Ben and Leslie’s honeymoon and their gift–giving afterward. Still, it’s unclear what this Parks honeymoon period holds for the rest of the season. This good (but not great) episode established a couple of plot lines that may persist through spring, but the central focus still remains to be seen.


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