Breakfast: Think power breakfast to keep you going until lunch and avoid the temptation of vending machine snacks.   *Oats and bran cereal are a great low calorie source of energy. Alternatively, eggs and toast are always a good call, but avoid bacon if you want a Ryan Gosling–esque sixpack.

*Stay clear of those tummy–bloating, sugary foods (donuts, fruit loops and chocolate croissants)—they will fatten you up and leave you hungry five minutes later. Instead, how about a nice fruit salad? Check out the fruit cart outside the Lower Quad gate—large portions of delicious and exotic fruits at an accessible price. On Wednesdays, don’t forget to check out the Farmers Market that sets up outside the Bookstore!

Lunch/Dinner: Big lunches and small dinners: You’re more likely to burn off those calories during the day.

*Cut down portions—one serving of pasta from Houston Market is enough to count as two full meals.

*Swap your side of fries for a salad. If you are really craving deep—fried goodness, swap them for sweet potato instead.

*Have a turkey sandwich instead of Wawa’s Philly cheesesteak. Skip the mayo and opt for healthier, tastier spicy mustard.

At Bobby’s Burger Palace: *Skip: the “Crunchburger”—you won’t see your meat under all that cheese and chips.

*Try: “Topless Burger Salad”—any kind of burger served on a bed of baby greens.

At Chipotle: *Skip the hard shell tacos with tons of cream and queso.

*Try: a burrito bowl with brown rice, chicken and corn salsa.

At Hummus Grill: *Try platters instead of sandwiches, the less bread you eat, the flatter the abs will be. *Try: a side of stuffed vine leaves instead of a plate of fries – not only will you be cutting down on calories, but you will look so much more sophisticated and adventurous.


*Swap chips for popcorn, a surprisingly low calorie snack (without all the butter and toffee, obviously). *Fruits. Fruits. Fruits.

*Swap m&ms and skittles for mixed nuts and raisins. And no, Raisonettes are not a better option.

*Let’s avoid the desperate midnight calls to Insomnia all together.

*Drink lots of water, half the time you feel hungry you might just be thirsty. Stay away from fizzy and sugary drinks.


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