Street: Who are you and what do you do on campus? Kelly-Ann Corrigan: I’m the communications coordinator on the Performing Arts Executive Council, the chair of the Theatre Arts Council, vice chair of Front Row Theatre Company and the New Initiatives chair for Penn Science Across the Ages. I also volunteer and do clinical research at CHOP. Oh… and I’m also in the Osiris and Friars.

Street: If you were to have a show about your life, what would it be called? KC: It would be called “Clueless and Crazy,” because a lot of times I tend to not know the answer to questions for things I should know. For example, my friend used the word “sitch,” and I thought it was an actual word… I didn’t realize for a long time that it was short for “situation.” I thought “sitch” was a word that I had been using my whole life. On the flipside, when I’m in my element, stage managing, I always know what to do. So I feel like people view me as crazy during, like, a tech week and getting all these things done, but a lot of times I’m a little clueless.

Street: What’s your favorite production that you’ve ever done? KC: My favorite show that I’ve ever done at Penn was “Spelling Bee.” I stage managed it my freshman year. First of all, it’s a great show, but I also met my housemates from last year and a lot of my greatest friends at Penn. It was just an awesome experience.

Street: What production do you wish you could produce? KC: They are currently making a “Magic Mike: The Musical,” and I think that it needs to be done as a Fling show by Quadramics. I told my friend, who’s the chair of Quadramics, we might be 40, but we’re coming back for Fling and doing "Magic Mike" when it’s a Broadway classic.

Street: Who would be your leading man? KC: I really want to say Joey from “Friends.” I’m going for it, I’m going for Joey.

Street: If the Front Row Theatre Company were changed into the Back Row Theatre Company, what about it would change? KC: So we do socially relevant theatre, so I guess we would have to do non–socially relevant theatre, as in… mythical theatre? So lots of maybe unicorns, fairies… I don’t know.

Street: If you could have a drink with anyone across the ages, who would it be and why? KC: I would really like to have a drink with Napoleon. I have lots of questions about what he did, but I also think I can really see eye to eye with him… literally. We’d have some kind of camaraderie going on because we’re really short but in positions of power.

Street: What’s your spirit animal? KC: Okay. I think my spirit animal would be a Penn squirrel, because I feel like Penn squirrels have a lot of guts! Like, they’re these little animals, but they’re not afraid to come up to you. I feel like that’s what people think about me: that I’m this little girl, but then I do all these things. I respect Penn squirrels. I respect their balls. Their nuts! Wait, I respect their nuts!

Street: What’s your secret talent? KC: I can wiggle my ears without moving any other part of my face. I feel like that’s not something that comes up in regular conversation, though. Like, “Hey! I can wiggle my ears!”

Street: My PennCard looks like ________. KC: I brought my PennCard, specifically because I don’t think I can describe it accurately. I’m on my 11th PennCard. I’m a notorious PennCard loser. And sometimes I’ll find them, but it’s too late; I’ve already gone to get another one. This one went through the washer and dryer, and it only had a little tear that’s been slowly growing wider. I’ve had it for six months, though. This is a good run.

Street: Give us two truths and a lie about yourself. KC: Hmm… what are some good ones? I feel like I need to think of the lie before I give you the real ones. I’m trying to be tricky here. Okay: I rowed crew freshman year, I was once in a “High School Musical: The Musical LIVE!” production or I found a kitten today.

Street: The second one? KC: I was in—Wait! Those are all true! You see what I mean! I just told you three truths! I was thinking too hard. Do you want me to try again?

Street: That’s alright. If you could have one condiment come out of your nose, which would it be and why? KC: I really like honey mustard, and I put it on a lot of things you wouldn’t. Like, I’d put it on turkey and cheese sandwiches and things like that. Sorry, I’m still distracted by the fact that I gave you three truths.

Street: There are two kinds of people at Penn… KC: Those who live in Platt, and those who have no idea what Platt is.

Street: What’s one sentence that will make people want to see PAC shows? KC: Why watch TV when you can see it live? We do it live. We’re doing it live! If anyone gets that reference. It’s Bill O’Reilly.


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