Here’s what happened: 

A Little Bit About the Daters 

Mitch Fogelson: I’m a freshman in mechanical engineering involved with the Penn electric racing team and club golf. A fun fact about me: I took a gap year and studied in Israel.

Natalie Weiss: I’m from upstate New York and I’m a freshman in the College majoring in who knows. I really enjoy the color yellow and love all–you–can–eat buffets. I can’t sleep without my panda pillow pet named Soy Sauce. If you ever want to find me on campus, just keep an eye out for a pair of bright green frocs (fake crocs—very versatile shoes).

Their Tinder Descriptions 

MF: If I had a Tinder, I think my description would be that I am just your typical, incredibly handsome, nice Jewish boy from Chicago (the city, of course) with an amazingly average–toned bod who loves nothing more than my bubbe’s noodle kugel and pondering about life at the Bio Pond.

NW: Twerk master, donut eating machine.

First Impressions

MF: Natalie had the biggest smile on her face and went straight for a hug, which broke the ice very quickly… everything about her was glowing with joy on that beautiful fall day.

NW: We did PennQuest together, but we didn’t know each other very well. I knew he was a nice guy, and I was really excited to get to know him better!

The Atmosphere

MF: The environment was pretty cool. I mean, I enjoy any place that has exposed brick, and, in all seriousness, you walk in and everything just smells so fresh and amazing. The waitresses were very nice and the other customers ranged from couples to families to some bros getting together.

NW: Walking in, the first thing I noticed was how good it smelled. It had an old school rustic vibe. I felt like I was in a really nice Western barn. I liked the lighting, and the big windows gave you a good view of Independence Hall. The restaurant was really airy and was a great way to start the day.

The Food

MF: Natalie and I shared our food so that we could try more, and we got the cinnamon bread french toast with wild huckleberries and vanilla mascarpone on top ($12), as well as the healthy bennie ($11): poached egg, wheat toast, goat cheese, avocado, tomato, basil. Everything was incredible. The french toast melted in your mouth, and the healthy bennie was really fresh and delicious.

NW: The food was really good! I loved the orange juice (much better than Hill’s). I ordered sausage and french toast with cinnamon and blueberry sauce on top. I’m usually a little iffy with sausage because no one really knows what’s in that mystery meat. Anyway, the sausage was probably my favorite part. The french toast was pretty good, but nothing too out of the norm. I had some of Mitch’s meal too, and it was really fresh. It seemed really healthy, in case you’re into that kind of stuff.

The Conversation

MF: The conversation was great, we just hit it off. We had met each other before on PennQuest, so there was so much to catch up on and learn about.

NW: Flowin’. It was casual and friendly. I learned a lot about him and his family. Definitely helped me wake up from my early morning haze.


MF: I would absolutely go again. It would be a great place to bring family or that crush who sits in front of you in math class. The location is also great for taking an after–brunch stroll. Natalie and I walked to the Liberty Bell and took a breather at the Independence Hall park.

NW: Yes, definitely. I would want to try lunch and dinner.

We meant the date…

MF: I would love to go on another date. Natalie was really nice, and there was never a silent moment.

NW: Sure!

Red Owl Tavern: 433 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA (215)-923-2267


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