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33rd and Market Streets, in front of Drexel Law



Price: $

Don’t miss: Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla—it’s a best seller for a reason.

Skip: Triple Cheese Sandwich, there are much more interesting things Mike can do with cheese.

As we trekked through a slush–filled day towards Drexel, we hoped Cheese E. Wagon would be worth it. The owner, Mike Sullivan, who was once the Executive Chef at Commons, had called to let me know that he dug out the sidewalk in front of the Drexel Gym just so I could get my cheesy fix for the day. Boy, am I glad he did.

The truck itself looks like gooey, melted cheese. It was nearly impossible to choose from the glowing menu—each item looked better than the last. [media-credit id=6922 align="alignright" width="300"][/media-credit]

We trusted the masses and ordered the #1 Seller—the Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla ($6.50). We were not steered wrong; the tortilla itself was crunchy, but still somehow delicate and gooey. Its spiced seasoning made every bite full to the brim with delicious flavor. We ordered the Jalapeno Popper Sandwich ($6) next, and it was the cheesiest darn thing I ever did see. Separating the two halves of the sandwich created a waterfall effect of melted cheddar goo. This sandwich was definitely not for the faint of heart—the jalapenos added quite a bit of heat. Next we had the Chicken Pesto ($6.50). At this moment, we confirmed that this food truck was indeed a winner, especially since my friend Mike is not at all stingy with ingredients. The chicken was fresh and the balance of pesto flavor was well done.

Finally, we had the Grilled Cheese Caprese ($6). The mozzarella cheese was perfectly gooey, and the balsamic dressing cut it well with a tangy sweetness. While it would have been nice to have a variety of bread types to choose from, as every sandwich was served on toasted sourdough, the lack of selection was the only flaw we found. Mixing and matching bread and filling would have added something to the sandwiches, but the sourdough was crunchy and tasty, so we couldn’t really complain.

To round out the meal, we ended on The Nutty Nutella dessert special ($6.50). With crunchy peanut butter, nutella, mixed berry compote and Philadelphia cream cheese, this dessert sandwich left us speechless. My friend described it as a “ride for her taste buds,” as the sticky peanut butter balanced perfectly with the compote and the cream cheese. We made sure to tell Mike how perfect it was, so hopefully he’ll keep it around.

All said and done, Mike’s Cheese E. Wagon is one more great reason to curse Drexel for its foodtruck riches.


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