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Randi Kramer


Dispatch: Can’t Say Gno to Gnocchi

Weird dynamics at the gnocchi making class at La Cucina at the Market

How to Cook Like Marc Vetri

Bringing Philly’s phanciest to your dinner plate

Franklin, I’ve Ben Drankin’

Well–dressed bartenders, unexpected combinations and cooler–than–you vibes at The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. speakeasy: a dispatch

The Vetri Foundation Brings Fine Dining to Philly Public Schools

What’s the Vetri Foundation, you ask? Simple. The Vetri Foundation’s mission is to teach kids that healthy food leads to healthy lives.

A Different Kind of R&R

Steven Starr has a sensual side, and you’ll find it at this pricey speakeasy–style bar.

Counterpoint: Man Buns

It seems like everyone from Brad Pitt to Jared Leto rocks a topknot these days. Man buns might be resting on the top of the most handsome heads in all of Hollywood, but not everyone agrees they're a positive addition to the campus manscape.

Boyfriend Swap

ABC brought you Wife Swap, but in honor of Valentine's Day, Ego is bringing you the less shitty, equally as unrealistic, Boyfriend Swap. Both of the Ego editors put their professional and romantic relationships on the line, all for the sake of "journalism" (read: Distrito margaritas). 

Who are you: Randi Kramer

Who are you?

Penn Apparel: From Classic to Edgy

How to be stylishly school spirited on either end of the spectrum.

Hop On The Cheesewagon

A food truck for the cheesiest cheese–lovers out there.

Word on the Street: Everybody Has a Story

The other day, I was reading in Van Pelt when a girl in my sorority walked by. I waved hello as she passed and she came back to chat.
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