This week I decided to try a new thing. As an OCR gift (likely a condolence gift), I received a small Moleskin notebook. Like, a really small one. Impractically small. But this is the type of notebook they presumably successfully sell in stores, so I challenged myself to come up with a practical use.

I’ve heard from time to time that it can be a good thing to write—about your feelings, your ideas, your middle school crushes. I kept a diary at sleepaway camp, but for the most part, I’ve just never really been one to write without a purpose. But here I am with this elf’s journal, so what better time to start?

I decided that, at least for the nights when I’m functional enough to remember, I’m going to record one thing that made me happy and one thing I learned that day. So far, most of my happiness has been derived from food, but you have to start somewhere. And I’ve learned that “they” were right—you really do learn something new everyday.

Even when I inevitably lose the tiny notebook, I think the lesson will remain: life is good right now. So good that every time I wake up I can find joy in something and every time I go to sleep I do it with just a little bit more knowledge. I hope I get to fill all of the pages and I hope that, somewhere out there, an elf isn’t missing his diary too much.