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Norah Rami


It's Just Hair

What would Nietzche say about 2 a.m. bangs?

Laughing Gas and Landscapes: The Mystery of a Lost Courbet

How an unexpected discovery in the basement of Penn Dental led to a major new exhibition at the Arthur Ross Gallery

Bad Sex? Blame Capitalism.

Kristen Ghodsee is revolutionizing our understanding of sex and love. 

Evelyn Thomson: Redefining Women in Physics

Meet the recently named American Physical Society Fellow with passions beyond the particles that make up our world.

Becoming an Astros Fan in Philly

Picking up and letting go of your identity

Chinatown Activism: Then and Now

This Philly native discusses her work inheriting the mantle of the decades–long struggle to save Chinatown.

Jawa Like Wawa

The newly elected Class of 2026 president shares her hopes of fostering a sense of home at Penn.

Getting Personal with Fossil Free Penn

Gigi Varlotta is an advocate for change and community in Philly, beginning with their role in Penn’s homecoming game disruption.

A Window to Another World

Exploring culture and cinema with Professor Mahyar Entezari at the Penn Middle East Film Festival.

Ego of the Week: Luis Leme

Whether he’s in the recording room or his research lab, this senior finds the time to balance his passions for music and medicine. 
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