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Jules Lingenfelter


Penn 10: Caroline Milgram

Caroline Milgram resume encompasses everything from Beli connoisseur to single term UA representative.

Celeste Ng is Questioning Everything

Visiting Penn this past week, this critically acclaimed novelist explains how writing helps her understand the world.

Donors Rule Everything Around Me

When money talks, professors are silenced.

Drew Basile: From Philly to Fiji

This Penn grad earned an education in reality TV on Survivor's 45th season.

Ride or Die for the Red and Blue

For nearly a century, Penn has tried to get us to care about student athletics; why hasn’t it worked yet?

An Ode to the Ugly, Untalented Gays

How Bottoms explores the overdramatic plight of being a loser in highschool

Hollywood Thrives in the Steel City

How the film industry has found its niche in Pittsburgh

The Forever Discoverability of the Banana Album

As quintessential as the forever–yellow banana on its cover, this timeless experimental album never gets old.

Ellen Yin: Cooking Connection in the Kitchen

 The 2023 Outstanding Restaurateur has found a home in the restaurant business .

Representation in the Not So Modern Age

 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is rewriting history, fictionally.

Penn 10: Niva Baniya

She struggled in art history, but Niva says that's a cakewalk compared to snagging tickets for the Eras tour.

The Fantastical Death and Rebirth of Crybaby

Melanie Martinez once again proves herself to be a master of the concept album with 'Portals.'

Building Community Through Creativity

Behind the scenes of Penn’s first Met Gala

Cocaine Bear: A Tale of Revenge

Our newest heroine may just be a coked–up bear.

Penn Badgley and The (Un)necessity of Sex Scenes

Sex sells … but at what cost?

The Absurdity of TikTok Sludge Content

It may be addicting, but what does it even mean?

Music For Plants, By Plants

How Modern Biology is creating calming melodies with a little bit of botanical assistance
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