So, Katherine Winslow was taken into custody, but of course, OPA forgets about this case like every other one so far this season. Forgetting about your clients might not be the best business model, Livvy. Is the concept of carrying plot from one episode to the next totally dead? The only thing that seems to stay relevant throughout the season is Liv’s murky relationship status.

Quinn and Olivia show up to rescue Karen at a party where the theme seems to be “things that would’ve been cool in the early 2000s.” Apparently they refer to it as #swaggerpalooza, because every mediocre house party has a hashtag, right? Olivia decides that Cyrus should take America to DEFCON 1 (can he do that?) if that’s what it takes to wake Fitz in the night (does he sleep?). Apparently, Karen shows Olivia the dirtiest sex tape she’s ever seen, which is hard to believe considering last week, we all got to watch a mother get eaten out by her teenage daughter’s boyfriend…Karen makes everyone uncomfortable when her dad asks her if she was raped, and she retorts with, “what about what I did to them?” Eww, TMI.

Smelly Mellie is pissed that Olivia is here and wants to pick up the pieces of her family on her own. For the first time all season, Baby Teddy is mentioned. Don’t worry, he’s been hanging out with Nanny Gin. Mellie has an actually–nice mothering moment when she talks to Karen about how it’s okay to have sex if it makes you feel good, but since she’s the President’s daughter she should probably stay prude. Also, grief. They talk about grief. She watched her brother die, she doesn’t need a free pass, she needs a therapist. It’s not like they don’t have enough staff already.

Fitz kisses Olivia , and wow it feels so inappropriate. I’d rather watch Cyrus and Michael! Even though it’s basically consensual, the whole thing still feels violating, even to watch. Fitz makes some weird comments that basically equate being a man with having a killer extramarital sex life, after Liv tells him about the magical Jake Island. Also, the parents of a boy in the video want three mil to delete it. Olivia calls them child pornographers and puts them in their place. There’s the Olivia Pope we first fell in love with!

Meanwhile, Mr. Pope is pitting Tom against Jake, and it seems like there’s an Instagram filter on the whole scene because my god is that grass green. Jake’s all “the truth will set you free” or at least keep you alive. In the end, Tom says that Jake ordered him to kill Jerry. We are left with a cliffhanger and one burning question: should we urban dictionary “Eiffel Tower”?

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