• Pluck some of your favorite friends from your different walks of Penn life and invite them to your place for dinner. 
  •  Ask them each to bring a dish, preferably something that’s edible, tasty and won’t give anyone food poisoning
  •  Spend your evening in the company of the people you love, taking it easy, chatting and chillaxin'.

  • Optional (but highly recommended): Crack open the cold beers, and bring out your favorite warm–weather cocktails. make it a barbecue–come–bitchfest–come–prepregrame for fling. Crank up the music. Bring out the Scrabble. Or Settlers of Catan, if you feel like ruining friendships and making enemies.

  • Even more *optional*: Get a job with Penn Rec, convince your co–workers to have a potluck, and then have a POTTRUCK POTLUCK.


See Constrapasta: I Fucking Love Potlucks And You Should Too for why you should definitely fucking love potlucks.


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