I tried to vote for Fossil Free Penn. And Penn told me I don't have a vote. 

When I login to Penn's student election portal, a red note, complemented by a Benjamin Franklin photo tells me: “There are no elections currently available for you to vote in. If you are taking fewer than 3 credits this semester, for the purposes of this election you are part–time.”

Fact: I am taking three credits this semester. Not fewer than three credits. 

I am by no means a part–time student. I am taking three credits so I can be overly involved in campus life. I am taking three credits so I can give Penn 34th Street without compromising my mental health. For Penn to tell me and the others who take three courses we can’t vote is, well, bullshit. 

People take less than four classes for health reasons, for outside commitments, for campus commitments. People take less than four classes because they want to. That doesn’t mean we aren't equal to those who take four credits. Courseload should not determine your citizenship  of this university. 

I’d vote to change this policy, but my vote doesn’t matter.