What to get your ass out of bed for: 

The Dark Knight: If the gist of this film needs to be explained to you, then shame on your lowly little soul. Catch this Christopher Nolan gem at 8pm at Gregory College House on Thursday, Sept. 3.

Midnight in Paris: To all the juniors who didn’t go abroad and are sadder than people who fill out customer reviews on Amazon: DON’T see this movie. To everyone else, you should definitely catch this romantic fantasy film at 8pm on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at Gregory College House. Because Owen Wilson.

Manhattan: In case you missed Midnight in Paris and need a little Woody Allen fix, check out this classic at 8pm on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at Gregory College House. Nothing could more strongly convince you than the fact that Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton star in this film. But mostly Meryl Streep.

What to bring up in film class: 

On Aug. 29, ITV, a TV network in the UK, released a trailer for the final season of Downton Abbey, which premieres Sunday, Sept. 20. And yes, it's “downton,” not downtown, you sceney fools.

A lot of stuff went down at the MTV VMAs, which were hosted by Miley Cyrus on Sunday, Aug. 30. Kanye is running for president. JBiebz cried. Miley’s rack. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of film itself.

What to stream: 

Drunk History came back on Comedy Central at 10:30pm on Tuesday, Sept. 1 for its third season. Although the title might bring back dark memories of your Friday 9am final last semester, don’t feel deterred from tuning in to this hilarious half hour of amazingness.

Netflix released the first season of Narcos on Friday, Aug. 28. Chronicling the life of “The King of Cocaine,” Pablo Escobar, this new series can provide a solid binge of ten one–hour episodes. Finally, its acceptable to say “drugs, not hugs.” Fans of the Brazilian film series Tropa de Elite will appreciate.


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