For this week's A Cappella: Unplugged I interviewed the Penny Loafers—a cohesive group of talented, bread loving, "indie" singers whose carb–based puns (and performance ability) never skip a beat. I spoke with LOAF Prez Mike McCurdy (Junior), Michael Paolini (Junior), Emily Lipka (Senior), Allie Cohen (Senior) and Assistant Music Director Juli Choi (Sophomore) who shared some of their quirkiest qualities and stories to date.They also informed me of a history of “hot” dads and LOAF incest to which I replied, “Tagliatelle me more!”

Street: What’s your favorite food truck on campus?

Michael Paolini: Lyn’s without a doubt.

Emily Lipka: Magic Carpet but that’s because I’m basic.

Mike McCurdy: Lyn’s also for sure, by a lot…it’s not even a question.

Allie Cohen: Bui’s partly because I used to go there after every Sunday rehearsal when I lived on Spruce.

Juli Choi: Any of the Halal trucks. (Ed. note: what nonsense is this, there’s clearly a halal truck hierarchy.)

Street: Would you give up cheese or sex?

EL: Cheese.

MM: Sex.

EL: I’d probably be really thin and then I’d get more sex if I gave up cheese because I’d lose like 30 pounds.

AC: I eat cheese more than I have sex.

MM: Yeah exactly.

Street: Pulp or no pulp?

EL: Pulp, and ice. It’s more indulgent. I like to chew my juice.

AC: No pulp.

JC: Pulp. Straight pulp. Extra pulp.

MP: That is so vile.

MM: At that point just eat the fruit. Why are you drinking the juice?

Street: Okay so on the topic of food, why the bread puns?

EL: 'Cause shoe puns aren’t funny.

AC: There’s so much opportunity in carbs.

Street: And who comes up with the best ones?

MP: This guy [points to Mike].

MM: Yeah I got some pretty good ones. Like Bread Zepplin: Stairway to Leaven.

Street: On another note, Kanye or Kendrick?

MM: Kendrick.

EL: Kendrick.

MM: To Pimp a Butteredrye. Best show name ever and it didn’t get through.

Street: That’s so good. You are good at this.

MM: I’m pissed it didn’t get through.

Street: What’s one song that you are listening to right now?

JC: "California Roll" by Snoop Dog. It was my song over winter break.

(Everyone laughs)

MP: Julie you never fail to surprise me.

EL: Okay I got it—"Have Mercy" by Eryn Allen Kane.

AC: I’ll go with "Bird Set Free" by Sia.

MM: I’ll have to go with "The John Wayne" by the Little Green Cars.

MP: "Jealous" by Labrinth. On repeat for a LONG time.

AC: We are picking our setlist this weekend so we are all making playlists right now.

Street: Who picks the best songs?

AC: Well we have this one member who likes to call every song she suggests “the banger.”

MP: She’s also releasing her EP…She’s a rapper.

EL: Statistically I am most on the CD so...

Street: Do you guys get the stats for how well your CD does on Spotify?

MM: I got the number from the month. We made 40 bucks in January.

(Everyone wows)

MM: On all of the albums combined.

(Everyone laughs)

MM: And we even got thousands of streams.

AC: Well that’s like four bottles of Carlo Rossi right?

EL: Now I get why Taylor Swift pulled her shit off.

Street: Is there a capella incest?

MM: It happens. It’s definitely a thing that happens.

AC: It has happened historically in this group.

MP: Several times.

MM: We’ll leave it at that.

Street: Is there any quirky thing you would want people reading this to know about your group?

EL: It’s our 30th anniversary.

AC: Yeah. One of our songs on our setlist is from 30 years ago so that’s cool.

AC: We also have a history of very attractive LOAF dads.

Check out the Penny Loafers at their show on April 8th and 9th and hear some of the awesome shit they are listening to on the playlist below.

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