On Monday, February 8, Feb Club is giving out 300 free Schmear It bagels to the first seniors to get there. In case you're unsure which bagel to get, check out this guide for some school–centric #inspo.


Onion bagel. You’re sitting alone coding all day anyways so it doesn’t really matter if you smell like Shrek. Toss on some egg salad too while you’re at it with scallions mixed in.


Plain bagel with plain cream cheese because you can’t have garlic breath for OCR. But then add in wasabi and sriracha to make sure people tear up a little bit every time they talk to you. Anything to increase your dominance in this dog–eat–dog world.


Whole wheat bagel with greek yogurt cream cheese and chopped lox. You gotta be healthy but will also take any opportunity to increase protein intake to fill you up through your 48–hour clinical.


Everything bagel with chopped lox, tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, carrots, strawberries, bananas, mango, apples, jalepeños, walnuts, pecans, wasabi, sriracha, maple syrup, cinnamon and soy sauce because even though you’re a senior you’re still sooooo undecided.


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