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Sophie Xi


Honest Toms Owner Tom McCusker on Running a Plant-Based Restaurant

Meet the man who turned tacos vegan.

Ego of the Week: Keneally Phelan

Keneally’s double life as a Penn Senior and a Battalion Commander

Rho Gamma Serena Vargulik Speaks About Mental Wellness During Sorority Rush

To all the Potential New Members, Serena advises to 'stay true to yourself' during the process.

Keri Zhang and Her Color–Changing Hair

She dyed her hair into every color of the rainbow.

Maggie Tang: The Freshman Who Worked at a Three Michelin Star Restaurant

From fine dining to the freshman meal plan.

Decoding the Life of M&T Sophomore and Textbook Writer Moksh Jawa

Meet the sophomore whose last name infamously rhymes with Wawa.

Sex Ed and More, According to KC Miller

Wharton and Nursing dual–degree freshman KC Miller talks about his sex education advocacy.

Ego of the Week: Divya Rao

Meet the pre–med Whartonite who would eat Biryani for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ivan Li: The Savior of Math 114

Meet the highest rated TA in Penn’s history.

Ego of the Week: Julia Pan

Julia Pan opens up about sexuality and her love for the fourth floor of College Hall. 

Meet the Penn Immigration Lawyer Who Fought Against Her Own Deportation

Esperanza Franco, a defender for detained immigrants in Tucson, Arizona, is at risk for her own deportation.

Ego of the Week: Reeham Sedky

Were you also named Player of the Year by the US Olympics Committee? Didn’t think so. 

A Night with MERT

We visited the MERT headquarters on their busiest night of the week. 

Ego of the Week: Michael Krone

Here’s everything you ever needed to know about your UA President. 

John Shahidi and His Avril 50 'Oasis'

The owner explains how he and his unconventional coffee shop came to be on campus.

Kelley Yu Explains Her Relationship with Strictly Funk, Dance, and Penn

This dance troupe has nicknames, lineages, and consistently sold out shows.

Penn Alum Yael Krigman Quit Her Six–Figure Job To Make Cake Pops

Being a high–powered lawyer wasn't as fulfilling as owning her own bakery.

Miles Table Misses the Mark

This South Street eatery was miles away from what we hoped for.

'Game Night' is Funny For All the Wrong Reasons

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams star in a redundant trip–wire comic thriller.

Chez Yasmine: Jihed Chehimi's Tasty World Food

Your simple, healthy, and delicious go–to meal at Penn.
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