1. Leaf Cape

Capes are so in this season. Gather leaves while you walk to class and knit them together to make a fun cape. Doubles as a handy disguise if you see your crush on Locust! Jump into a bush, throw this baby on and you’ll be good to go.

2. Heelys

Ditch your bike and cruise around campus in style. Functional and fashionable, these are a wardrobe essential.

3. Harambe apparel

No one is sick of this meme and it’s an easy way to show people you’re funny and cool. Extra points if you wear it to your social justice seminar and reference it frequently in class.

4. Lemons

If you’re wearing Lululemon you’re basically saying you’re a blind sheep with no independent thought. Wear lemons instead and show you have some imagination.

5. Deodorant

On behalf of everyone in your recitation… Please?

6. Your self–doubt

Don’t mask your insecurities, wear them!

7. Garlic

It’s for your safety, not ours.

8. A Bluetooth

The sleekest technology for communicating with the mothership.

9. Loin cloth


10. Corset

It feels like you’re always getting hugged, right?


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