Oh no! You overslept and you’re late for lecture! Do you…

1. Dig a tunnel to escape from the minimum–security prison you live in

2. You can’t be late for cult lecture

3. Use the powers of a supernatural girl you found in the woods to make the professor pee his pants

4. Do nothing because you’re an animated horse

What are you doing on a Saturday night?

1. It’s hard to distinguish the days from each other when you’re imprisoned

2. Cult rituals

3. Getting taken by a “man with no face”

4. Eating carrots

What groups do you sign up for at the activities fair?

1. A program to tutor prisoners

2. Disney A Cappella

3. Wharton Latino

4. Webkinz

What’s your favorite song?

1. “Freedom” by Beyonce

2. “Bad Girls” by MIA

3. “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake

4. “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

Who’s your favorite 19th century German philosopher?

1. Friedrich Engels

2. Heinz Ketchup

3. Sauerkraut

4. Oktoberfest

Who are you voting for in the presidential election?

1. Deez Nuts

2. Meth

3. Writing in “your face”

4. The mouse living in your closet

Now tally up your score to see which Netflix original you are!

278–279: Orange Is the New Black

47–78: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

0.01–0.011: Stranger Things

0–69: Bojack Horseman


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