Even as an international student from Mexico, I can say that I have experienced the election process from start to finish; I had already heard the name Donald Trump more times than I would've liked when I moved here two months ago. Back home, we constantly joked about the wall we were going to pay for; the very idea of Trump winning the election seemed ridiculous and laughable.

I was fairly confident that he was going to lose, but I still followed election results closely (more than you would expect from a non-voter). I started to feel very anxious that night. There was too much to see: polls, red/blue maps, possible outcomes, tweets, graphs, and numbers. I remember the very moment I realized that Hillary Clinton would likely lose, and I absolutely hated that instead of electing the first female president of the United States, people chose the racist, misogynist, real life version of Biff Tannen from Back to the Future Part II.

I'm most heartbroken and worried about what this means for climate change, immigrant families, human rights, and the example that this election has set for little girls and boys. The outcome has emotionally impacted me way more than I ever thought it would.


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