Waking up this morning to find out the disappointing results of my first presidential election was incredibly disheartening and defeating. November 9th has been an incredibly difficult day as I have continued to think about all that our country has lost today. This was a historic election, and I hoped to wake up to embrace a president elect who valued democracy, education, and above all, human life. The President and his/her spouse are exemplary of Americans for the rest of the world looking in and role models to those of us looking up. There was a choice between two very distinct female role models. On Monday, I attended one of the last presidential rallies on the eve of the election, in the spot where the Constitution was written, for the woman I voted for in my first election. On Tuesday, I voted to put a pant suit wearing woman in the White House. This morning I learned the people of the United States vetoed an Ivy League educated lawyer in the White House in favor of a woman who recognized for plagiarism rather than intellectual accomplishment. To honor the woman who showed wit, strength, and confidence in the darkest hours, I will study a little harder, think critically for a little longer, and be a little kinder to all people I meet. HRC, thank you for your indefatigable effort to make the world a better place for all people and a champion for not just women, but all individuals who seek to perpetuate justice and progress.


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