The premise: two elderly couples sit in a fancy restaurant. One couple is WASPY and polished, the other is hippy dippy. The two men—Sol and Robert—are long term law partners, and they announce to their wives that they are also gay lovers. The two women, Grace and Frankie, move into a shared beach house, and despite their differences and shared trauma, they become best friends.

Here are nine reasons to add Grace and Frankie to your queue:

  1. It’s relatable. Well, as relatable as a show about elderly women living in a Malibu beach house can get. But Grace and Frankie are just two girls trying to make their way and live their best lives, find independence, deal with emotions, and come to peace with their circumstances. Relatable content!
  2. But it’s not that relatable. Like I said, It’s about two elderly women living in a Malibu beach house. They have arthritis. They have grandkids. The issues that plague their day to day life are rather foreign to the average college sophomore. It’s a great way to detach from reality, which sometimes, ya gotta do.
  3. The central plot of the third season: Grace and Frankie struggle to start a company called Vybrant (the "y" for extra fun), that manufactures sex toys that are accessible to elderly women. They face obstacles like sexism, agism, nepotism, and religious groups. It’s #inspirational and also #hilarious. 
  4. Frankie is freaky. She’s your stereotypical, granola eating, art making, yoga practicing California lady. She wins arguments by singing "she’ll be comin’ round the mountain." She practices witchcraft on the beach. She named her kid "Coyote." She’s in touch with her emotions and everyone else’s, too. She’s constantly doing the most and it's incredible to watch.
  5. Grace is kinda a bitch. She’s a #girlboss, fearless femme fatale founder of a super successful makeup company. She keeps a gun in the house. She drives really fast and tells everyone what to do. She is doing the most in a VERY different way than Frankie, but somehow they compliment each other.
  6. Drug Use. On multiple occasions, parents get high with their children. Chaos, naturally, ensues. California, amirite? Also, goals. Hi mom.
  7. Realism! Grace and Frankie is the realistic and believable type of drama. The characters are multidimensional, the plots, while absurd, are rooted in reality, and the writing is spot on. Worth getting emotionally invested in.
  8. The title sequence. It’s too cute. Look:
  9. Female! Friendship! The central relationship of the show is Grace and Frankie’s friendship. A friendship that is nuanced with drama and petty arguments, but is steady and complex and real.This show gives us two women who genuinely love each other, who aren’t seen as ‘lonely old women’ just because they lost a romantic partnership. Ugh. Friendship is magical.


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