Whether you’re the biggest partier on our ten–thousand–person campus or Penn’s most reclusive introvert, we can all agree that the start of the school year is the time to get it on. And then, class starts. Somehow, Netflix–and–chilling with that cutie you met during the hazy first week suddenly doesn’t seem as appealing as textbook–and–crying with VP. You're eager to spice things up, and we've got the goods (read: food) to get your sex drive back in gear. You may have heard of some popular fixes like oysters and red wine, but keep reading below for some lesser–known aphrodisiacs.

Hot chilies

Hot chili peppers contain capsaicin (that’s why chilies are spicy), that stimulate the nerve endings on the tongue. In response, your body releases both adrenaline and endorphins. Just make sure you’re eating them (in moderation) and not, like, rubbing them all over your partner's sensitive areas because that shit will definitely be hot—and NOT in the good way. Think lots of stinging and large, unattractive welts.


Aside from being sort of seductively shaped and how strangely arousing it is to watch anyone eat this fruit whole, figs are also really high in amino acids, which boost sexual stamina and increase libido. Think GOOD SEX. For a LONG TIME. Yes. Yes please.


Anyone else feel slightly too enthusiastic about popping the pit out of the snug, tight indent of a soft, yet firm, avocado? There’s a reason for this—and not just because it’s a great metaphor for sex. Avocado is rich with folic acid, Vitamin B6, and potassium, all of which are known sex stimulants and thought to increase stamina in men. In other interesting news, Catholic priests banned this fruit in Spain in the 1400s for its obscene sexuality, and Aztecs nicknamed the avo “ahuacuatal,” or “testicle tree.”