Hit it: More Life

Quit it: Average amount of life

Drake dropped a new album and hit us with some really important, life–changing thoughts. "Hermes link, Ice Blue Mink"? Interesting combo, if you ask us. How come we can never “slash” and stay friends? This one has been getting a lot of action out in the social media sphere. According to Urban Dictionary, slash could refer to a relationship between two men or it could mean peeing. Our first guess would be that it’s Drake lingo for “smash” because that friends with benefits thing is hard to maintain, but now we can’t be so sure that Drake isn’t 1. into men and 2. pee–shy.

Hit it: Memes

Quit it: Any other form of communication

If your roommate hasn't tagged you in four–plus memes today, are you even sure she's alive? There's no need to text anyone anymore; we streamline all our communication in the comments of our favorite memes. Relationship status? Please, the only update we need to see who's cuffing whom is the telling "So–and–so tagged Blah Blah in a comment" line in our feed. We're putting the "memes" in memories. 

Hit it: Bread that never rises

Quit it: Bread with high hopes

It’s matzah season betches! You might be thinking, why is this night different from all other nights? But four questions is honestly too many and we haven’t been the youngest in our families since 2006, so it’s really not our problem. Which brings us back to matzah: no leavened bread for us––we’re rolling with the flat stuff for 8 days straight. Cream cheese? Butter? Jelly? We don’t care how you eat it, just handle with care because those things crumble just as fast as our lives during midterms.


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