With the official start of spring less than a month away and global warming fooling us into thinking that it's actually spring now, you may start to notice some unused, forgotten and unworn clothing and items in your dorm room. The air is fresher, the days are longer and warmer and you might be feeling like its time to get rid of the old. Spring cleaning usually implies throwing things away, but as college students, there are thriftier ways to profit or do good off of your spring cleaning. Websites like Depop, Mercari and Poshmark and stores like Buffalo Exchange are a great way to get rid of the old and make some cash.

Sell Online 

Depop is an online marketplace where individuals can set up a shop and sell clothes, accessories, shoes and just about anything. The website is well–known for having many vintage, designer and/or sold out items for sale. “Swapping” or trading one item of perceived equal value for another is also a popular option instead of selling. Depop also leaves pricing completely up to the seller, and negotiating lower prices is common as well. While it is free to list items on Depop, once items are sold, there’s a small transaction fee. Mercari and Poshmark are other apps that offer similar services, but with different conditions and transaction fee policies.

Sell Locally 

If the idea of selling online isn’t appealing to you, there are plenty of options for spring cleaning locally. A great way to sell clothes and items is through Facebook groups like Free and For Sale. These are great ways to clean up, simplify and make extra cash without having to worry about shipping costs and transaction fees. If your items are a tough sale on campus, then you can always head over to Buffalo Exchange in Rittenhouse Square and sell some of your gently used clothing. Bear in mind that they usually only take very lightly used and well–maintained items.

Donate and Recycle 

Finally, if you’re looking to do better for the community (or just don’t feel like going through the hassle of selling), donating items to thrift shops and donation boxes are easy ways to do good for yourself and for others. There is a clothing donation box right outside of Rodin College House. In addition, a trip to Philly Aids Thrift can be rewarding to donate items and even pick up something new and inexpensive for yourself. Many retailers like Uniqlo and H&M also have clothing recycle boxes. If your clothing seems too tattered or worn to donate or sell, you can always do good and recycle at many of their locations. Certain groups will also pick up donations from leave—and leave a tax deduction receipt to boot. 

Spring is a season for rebirth, so whether you’re decluttering your life or just looking to get rid of things to buy more, there’s always a smarter way to do it than just throwing things down the trash chute.