Reading between the lines takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to resumes. Let Highbrow help you wade through the BS.


  • Seeking a position as [insert anything here, really]——Seeking a diet of more than just Easy Mac and free Dunkin coffee every time the Eagles win. 


  • Able to efficiently utilize a variety of social media platforms——I have the Followers app for Instagram (follow for follow; my ratio and aesthetic are both pristine), and my longest Snapchat streak is 312 days and still counting.
  • Proficient with with Word, Excel, and conducting Internet research——I use Word for school essays, and have used Excel a few times for Intro to Biology Labs. Additionally, the Internet is my go–to tool for any question I may have, including “How many days are in September?
  • Extensive experience working with children in a variety of settings——I’ve babysat not just one, but three different kids that may or may not have been related to me. They loved me!
  • Fluent in French——I’ve watched Amélie, like, five times.


  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA May 2019
    • Bachelor of Arts
      • Major: Communications——Two years was not nearly enough time to figure out my life… so no, Communications is not a useless major, and yes, I am looking for a job in finance. Why do you ask?
        • Minor: Consumer Psychology——Name-dropping Wharton makes me much more marketable, and it only took a few cutthroat classes!
      • GPA: 3.0/4.0——I thought I was going to be a chemistry major. Mom, Dad, don’t worry. The good ole GPA is slowly back on the rise after I dropped all my STEM classes.


  • Resident Advisor Aug 2017 - present
    • Mentors freshmen and handles situations of extreme pressure = Once, a resident got so drunk she peed in the kitchen sink, and I had to clean it up. To be fair, they’ve gotten me back into bed before. It’s a symbiotic relationship.
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Feb 2017 - present
    • Creates weekly content using Adobe Photoshop for a growing consumer base of 17,000 = Catch my memes on OUPSCC. Toss me a like if you’re feeling generous.
  • Channel 14 Television Station Marketing Intern May 2016 - Aug 2016
    • Streamlined daily project logistics and maintained team efficiency——I mastered my boss’s daily Starbucks order: Venti Soy Quadruple Shot Latte with No Foam.
  • Founder of CalliesCharms January 2014 - ????
    • Oversaw sales in e-commerce markets ——I tried to sell friendship bracelets on Etsy, but this endeavor was cut short when I got too lazy to ship out the first order. Not sure if my shop is still open.


  • Member, Wharton Retail——In true interdisciplinary spirit, this club combines my two favorite pastimes: clothes and cushioning my activities section. Amy G would be proud.
  • Admissions Tour Guide Volunteer, Kite and Key——Check out my leadership skills as I lie talk about how amazing all the dining halls are.

Aaand that’s the art of the resume. You can thank us when you’re rich and famous.


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