Although the leaves on Locust have not yet turned from green to amber, winter’s chill is starting to peek its head on campus. While we're all lamenting the now–distant summer, there's now a great pain in our chests every morning when we ask ourselves, what do I wear? 75 degree days with 50 degree nights can be a fashion disaster when deciding between those great summer outfits and the more characteristic flannels and layers of fall. Here are some ins and outs for dealing with this confusing weather:

  • Dust off that fracket: It’s chilly, duh. Is it extra to show up to the function in a jacket in September? Maybe. But these cold, rainy nights are so much more delightful with a semi–gross, five–year–old jacket that still wears the stains from Saint Patrick’s Day last year. So find your favorite light-to-medium weight jacket and bust it out.
  • Throw out (recycle?) your old white vans: Street’s inner environmentalist (#divest) says to donate these, but after the things they have seen, your nasty–ass white canvas shoes probably don't have much wear left in them. Plus, they aren’t warm or waterproof, so the archaic drainage systems on Locust will ensure your feet are cold and wet next rainstorm. Nobody wants cold feet.
  • Denim: Jeans. Jean Jackets. Overalls. Denim is the all–American fabric that your fall dreams were made of. Warm, but not boiling, and sure to flatter. 
  • Wear deodorant: If you don’t already, please consider adding deodorant to your morning routine. Although intuitively summer is the season to necessitate deodorant, the temperature in Philly this time of year fluctuates so rapidly that you never want to be caught off guard. Always be prepared.
  • Sweaters: An easy way to layer up for class, sweaters are comfy as hell and can be stylish at the same time. Whether it be a nice wool sweater, or an old crewneck repping some irrelevant school like Dartmouth, style it up with some nice chinos or dress it down with ripped jeans. 
  • Watch what the divas are wearing: We all have our icons. Highbrow, for example, follows what the eighth president wears very closely. If you spot the elusive AG on campus, take notes. Her infrequent appearances are perhaps due to the care she puts into her pre–fall outfit choices. Or due to the fact that she actually lives in New York. But who are we to say?