Yes, you read that right. As of this month, the liqueur native to to the Dominican Republic will travel over land and sea and end up here in our very own state, good ol’ Pennsylvan–i–a. The name of the liqueur type is Mamajuana (Ed. note: More like MamaJAWNa now), and the brand now being sold is called Candela Mamajuana. 

Mamajuana has allegedly been around since the times of los conquistadores, with roots in Shaman culture as a healing product. It was used to cure colds and flus in its native country but was mostly infamous for its natural aphrodisiac effects. It was even outlawed in the Dominican Republic for a period of time in the twentieth century. But now it’s back, and legally available for purchase in Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania is reaching the ranks of such places as Punta Cana and Miami Beach, the two other locations where Mamajuana is most readily available. For roughly 30–40 dollars, you can purchase a full bottle and feel the Caribbean Sea flowing through your very own Philadelphian bloodstream.

“We’re thrilled to share Candela Mamajuana with Pennsylvanians. We hope this liqueur will transport you to a warm place and inspire memorable stories,” said Alejandro Russo, CEO of KOI Global, the holding company and vendor of record for Candela Mamajuana. Say no more, Alejandro. Let the memory making commence.


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