While the Bomb Cyclone may have dampened our enthusiasm for Philly’s winter wonderland, there are a number of exciting arts events around town this winter. This winter offers both old favorites (Les Mis) and new exhibitions (Design in Revolution). Spanning January to March and covering architecture, visual art, and performance, these pieces offer something for every kind of art appreciator at Penn. 

The Winter Fountains

100 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Open Until: March 18

What is It: Four large fiberglass domes installed by artist Jennifer Steinkamp at Aviator Park, The Rodin Museum, Park Towne Place, and the Spring Garden Triangle. The installation features video projections that were inspired by the research of Benjamin Franklin and the flowing water of the parkway’s fountains.

Cost: Free

Who should go: The installations are fun for all art lovers, but especially those who loved the Oval’s Summer Waterworks. 

Les Miserables at The Academy of Music

Open Until: January 21

What is it: RED, THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN.... Yes, Les Mis is making its triumphant return to Philly stages for a limited run this January. Cameron Mackintosh directs the Broadway Philadelphia affiliated show. Tickets to see the story of the French peasantry’s fight for liberty and love can be bought at both Vividseats.com and on the Academy of Music’s website. 

Cost: Tickets from $20

Who should go: Your roommate who never stops bragging about getting Hamilton tickets. 

Kiefer Rodin

The Barnes Foundation

Open Until: March 12

What is it: Featured contemporary paintings by Anselm Kiefer, created in response to the works of sculptor Auguste Rodin. The exhibition is organized with the help of the Musée Rodin in Paris and commemorates the 100th anniversary of Rodin's death. The two artists’ works are presented in dialogue with one another, exploring the themes of architectural ruin and mutability.

Cost: $5 with student ID 

Who should go: Visual studies seniors looking for final design project inspiration.


Terracotta Warriors Exhibition 

The Franklin Institute

Open Until: March 4

What is it: The institute takes a more STEM focused approach to the famous archaeological exhibit with a free virtual reality app available at the start of the exhibit. 

Cost: Daytime tickets cost $35 and grant admission from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. while nighttime tickets are $20 and grant admission from 5-9 p.m. Thursday–Saturday. 

Who should go: For the student who visited the Penn Museum for more than just the NSO toga party. 

Design in Revolution: A 1960s Odyssey 

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Open: February 3–September 9

What is it: A comprehensive collection of countercultural art focusing on the civil rights, anti–war, and psychedelic movements. While the collection features the works of designers, artists, and architects, the standout of the collection is the PMA’s collection of vintage rock ‘n ‘ roll posters. 

Cost: Free if you tell the front desk that you're a Fine Arts student ;)

Who should go: For the Jazz and Grooves groupie and those who enjoyed the civil rights themed Speech/Acts last semester.


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