Much has been ado about the Super Bowl halftime show since JT’s severely lackluster–and quite honestly, amateur—performance last Sunday. Prince was a projection and not a hologram as promised, there was no NSYNC reunion, and Timberlake wore possibly the most bland and confusing halftime show outfit ever. When JT ran into the stands in his not–so–grand finale, even the audience members had no clue what was going on. Needless to say, it would have taken another wardrobe malfunction (sorry, Janet) in order to bring some color into that black hole of a spectacle. 

But fear not, readers. The television event of the year is not going to fall from grace any time soon. Bruno Mars is here to save us. 

In the wake of JT’s super–gaffe, Mars has taken it upon himself to curate the “best party TV has ever seen.”

On February 5th, the R&B singer tweeted at the NFL essentially calling them out for messing up this year’s show. While Mars didn’t flat out say “JT you suck,” he made it pretty clear that the NFL has an opportunity to redeem themselves next year. And given that Super Bowl LIII is set to go down in Atlanta, there should be no shortage of incredible artists and collaborations that can pack a meaner punch. 

In his Twitterstorm, Mars name dropped Outkast, TI, Gucci, Lil Jon, Jeezy, and Jermaine Dupri as his selections for the show. Mars even offered to take over the curation and management of the show himself, for the small charge of only “like a billion.” 

Fresh off of winning record, album, and song of the year (plus best R&B song, performance, and album), Mars has been on an artistic winning streak. And dear Bruno has proven time and time again that he is the new king of the Super Bowl performance. I mean, who could forget his incredible performance in Super Bowl XLVIII (48 for the non–Roman) with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their protest of pre–recorded music, or he and B crashed (and saved) Coldplay’s solo act in Super Bowl 50? 

So all jokes aside, NFL Commissioners, please make this happen. Our musical fate is in your hands. 


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