If you don't feel like studying all throughout reading days, Street's got your back. Here are some popular TV shows that will be returning before finals!

The Originals—April 20

Watch the final season of this The Vampire Diaries spin–off based on the lives of vampire–werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and his family in New Orleans. Spoiler alert: this season marks the beginning of the end for the Mikaelson family. If you enjoy bloodbaths and attractive people, this is the TV show for you. Read the recap of the fourth season's finale to get yourself ready for this new episode!

The 100—April 24

After civilization on Earth was wiped out by nuclear war, the only humans left were those who stayed in 12 space stations which were in orbit at the time…or so they thought. After many years, a hundred young prisoners were sent back to Earth to see if it was safe to live in again. Spoiler alert: now on Season 5, new prisoners are being sent down to Earth, war is brewing, and new villains are coming.

The Handmaid's Tale—April 25

Hulu and chill? If you've read the book, you probably know what to expect, but get ready for Season 2 of this hit TV show. In a city with a government that treats women as property of the state (in other words, they "grab them by the pussy") and plunging birth rates, fertile women are forced into being handmaids to repopulate the Earth. Offred, one of these handmaids, seeks to find the daughter that was taken from her. 

Dancing with the Stars: All–Athletes Edition—April 30

Watch the 26th season of people who were not made to dance flourish into mediocre dancers with cool costumes. This time including top athletes such as Chris Mazdzer, Kareem Abdul–Jabbar, Arike Ogunbowale, Adam Rippon, Josh Norman, Jennie Finch Daigle, Mirai Nagasu, Jamie Anderson, Johnny Damon, and most surprisingly, Tonya Harding (yes, the one from I, Tonya). I'm sure the basketball player is going to do just as well as the figure skater. Maybe.

Or you can study if you really want to.


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